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We provide the most robust and diametric set of services in the digital security paradigm. Innovative solutions that are scalable and dependable following rigorous testing.


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We provide the most robust and diametric set of services in the digital security paradigm. Our track record speaks for itself. And we meet all recognized international standards.


Our Mission

We provide security and training services across swathes of information and computer technology spectrum. The strength of our commitment will exude from our immaculate services.


What you Get

Sustainability, unmatched work efficiency, protection from foreseeable threats and those threats that you even didn't know of. All in all, your business will flourish unabatedly.

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Horizon Tech Services (HTS) has more than a decade of experience in the domain of Cryptography, Cyber Security, Information Assurance and IT Security.
Horizon Tech Services is a leading manufacturer of Information Security Products in Pakistan.
 Our approach is to understand customer’s peculiar requirements, devise qualitative solutions and ensure timely delivery. Our product range includes indigenously developed information security products & solutions designed by our competent engineers with requisite capabilities to meet the demands of any organization in a holistic manner.
Our diverse range of encryptors and firewalls are CERTIFIED from National Telecommunications Information Security Board (NTISB).

We also provide

IT Consultancy

Our consulting services will help you achieve the goal of designing and building secure solutions, by providing security consulting, throughout product development and infrastructure establishment lifecycle. We offer following services :-

  • Software and Hardware security:
    Secure software/hardware design, development, implementation
  • Security Policies, Standards and Guidelines:
    Developing and auditing of organizational security policies, standards, frameworks and guidelines.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI):
    Support for entire life cycle of a public key infrastructure including Design, installation and configuration of PKI systems, on-premises or cloud based, to issue and manage certificates in an organization

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