penetration testing service providers

In simple words, Penetration Testing Services are techniques used by professionals to investigate flaws present in the Security System of an organization or network. They gain access (penetrate) to your network and test it with various ways to identify vulnerabilities. By testing with ethical hacking techniques they analyze where your system stands. Improvements can be made by following the tips offered by Penetration Testing Service Providers. Sometimes they can also help you solve the issues present.


  1. Network Penetration Testing:

A major goal of Network Penetration Testing is to evaluate vulnerabilities present in the network’s infrastructure. It includes making ethical attacks on the network and accessing the strength of the security system of a particular network. Network Security devices like routers, modems, configurations, and protocols are properly monitored before any malicious activity takes place in them.

  2. Web Application Penetration Testing:

It involves the methodologies to penetrate through the applications being used by a particular company. Whether it’s a communication app or a data controller app, penetration testing service providers will get full security reports of all the apps. Web Applications are often targeted by hackers so it is recommended to get It done by a certified professional.

  3. Wireless Network Penetration Testing:

All the devices and accounts connected to the wifi network are properly examined to ensure a smooth flow of the internet with privacy. The Professionals test the wifi in the given area both ethically and non-ethically. It is done by scanning devices connected and collecting information on network names. Examining signal protocols is a crucial step of it.

  4. Mobile Application Penetration Testing:

Most commonly known as Mobile application security testing is used to make reality-based attacks on mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities against potential attacks. After investigating types of mobile applications like IOS or Android, testers use static analysis techniques to gain access to the system and give suggestions to improve them.

  5. Social Engineering Penetration Testing:

Often termed Human Hacking is a technique to identify vulnerabilities in terms of social attacks. The reason for doing this Pen Testing is to check for individuals in an organization are working according to the laws and rules of the company and adhering to security policies. After getting publicly available data from employees, testers send emails and gain access to them. They try to check the loyalty of employees by asking for private data or trying to exploit authorized users to get credentials.


While choosing the best penetration testing service providers keep these things in mind.

  1. Define your goal

Allocate your needs for the project. You should shortlist all the devices, apps, and systems you want to get tested.

  2. Research Potential Provider

Now obviously not every company is not best in everything. Some would be specialized in device penetration testing and some would have a strong grip on accessing security networks. So do some research like consult companies about what type they are providing the best and then proceed further. For the research process you can take the following steps:
    • Google search on different keywords like best penetration testing service providers, or network security services.
    • Ask out your neighbour companies how they are getting their penetration testing services.

  3.Check their experience

Okay this happens to be the most important step as you won’t handle all the access to poor experience companies. Check for how many companies they have provided the services. You can contact their clients and ask for reviews

  4. Access their certifications

It is of foremost importance to check whether the company is ISO certified or not. You won’t give your private data to any company if that is not certified or unsafe.

  5.Testing Methodologies

It is important that you should know what procedure they are going to adopt like hacking, usage of which tools, etc. So keep into account their testing methodologies as well

If the above steps are taken into account correctly you can have the best penetration testing service providers for your company.


Some of the significant advantages are described below which can enhance the overall cyber security of an organization.

  1. Identification of Vulnerabilities

With stimulated attacks on the site many possible threats can be detected. Companies after detecting the flaws can easily overcome these issues within days. Therefore, lowering their risk of data loss and unauthorized access.

  2. Assessment of Security Controls

Penetration Testing evaluates the effectiveness of existing security measures and finds ways to improve them. Professionals dig holes in the company and provide possible solutions.

  3. Enhancement and Upgrade

Often companies lack tools or small parts upgrades which can be a cause of the threat. Testers find all the possible spots on which companies can implement and upgrade the structure.

  4. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

With the growth of companies it is mandatory to keep up the organizations of international standards. Businesses may ensure compliance with rules like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Pen testing can effectively allocate and provide measures to compete with these standards.

  5. Positive Return On Investment

Although you will pay for getting this service in the long run it will become a return on investment as it will save the company from financial losses and data breaches. Keeping this in view Pen Testing is sure to give it a shot.


Keeping in view the primary goal of Penetration Testing that is stimulation of real world attacks following are the key aspects of Penetration Testing Services.

  •   Scope Definition
  •   Methodology
  •   External and Internal Testing
  •   Application Testing
  •   Network Testing
  •   Social Engineering Testing
  •   Wireless Testing
  •   Reporting
  •   Remediation Assistance
  •   Compliance and Standards
  •   Continuous Testing
  •   Ethics and Confidentiality Top of Form


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