Bulk Encryption Unit (BEU)

Product Overview

Bulk Encryption Unit is a high performance layer 1 encryption platform that provides maximum end-to-end security within El/D1 networks, configurable up to a speed of 2048Kbps.

Key Features


Encryption Algorithms

  • Proprietary/Commercial
  • Contemporary symmetric key block cipher algorithms


  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECD SA)
  • Smart card based X.509 certificates for verification and validation

Key Management

Key Exchange

  • 384 bit ECDH
  • Option for periodic key exchange automatically

Key Generation

  • True Random Number Generator
  • Run time key generation
  • Hierarchically organized levels of keys
  • HTS classified key derivative function

Private Key

  • Stored on smart card

Security Features


  • Complete design based on FPGA
  • Firmware security provided through Anti Cloning IC


  • Closed chassis structure which resists probing
  • Physical lock for interface card
  • Electronic lock for front panel switches
  • Tamper evident and respondent chassis
  • Automatic erasure of CSPs and Log on tamper detection



  • Data independent encryption
  • Date-time-stamped log of every activity
  • Log retrieval and backup facility
  • Alarm detection and indication
  • Synchronization time < 3 seconds