Desktop Encryptor (DTE)

Product Overview

Protecting documents on personal computer/laptop or during transfer is of critical importance in today’s digital world. Horizon Tech Services, Desktop Encryptor (HTS1111) is the right choice to meet the requirements of confidentiality. HTS1111 is a compact pocketable hardware based data encryptor that enables its user to protect data (file/folder) on PC/Laptop, storage devices and on any insecure medium.

Modes of Operation

  • Desktop Encryption, enables the user to encrypt individual file(s)/folder(s) stored on PC/Laptop.
  • Offline Encryption Mode, enables the user to encrypt any file(s)/folder(s) with the public key of the intended recipient(s).

Key Features

  • Encryption Algorithm, proprietary/commercial
  • Built-in high quality Radom Generator
  • Unique key for each session
  • RSA based key transformation
  • X.509 based certificate
  • Digital Signature and Verification
  • Supports all file formats
  • Emergency Eraser
  • Inbuilt self-test
  • Friendly and informative user interface
  • Opaque tamper evident casing
  • USB Port for both Power and Data