PSTN Secure Phone

Product Overview

HTS4011 is a multiple chip standalone cryptographic device offering secure voice and data over PSTN lines. High performance hardware ensures crisp voice and no delays, conforming to real time voice processing laid by ITU-T standards.

Key Features


  • Encryption Algorithm, Proprietary/Commercial
  • Proprietary Cipher Synchronization Scheme

Key Management

Key Agreement

  • IKE, signed Diffie-Hellman key exchange

Session Key

  • Auto key exchange for every new session
  • Key is destroyed upon expiration


Key Verification

  • Identical PIN is generated and displayed at both ends

Modes of Operation


  • Encrypted voice only (plain mode not available)
  • Automatically selectable rates based upon channel conditions


  • V.92 56kbps with error correction (LAPM, MNP)

Security Features

  • On Chip True Random Number Generator
  • Tamper evident chassis
  • Firmware cloning protection
  • Built in and on demand self-tests

Telephone Features

  • Repertory dialing with last number redial and memory dialing
  • Up to 30 dialed and received call log
  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Voice alerts for user assistance during the operation
  • Easy to use menu for configuration through keypad


  • 5VDC, 6A