Voice over IP (VoIP)

Product Overview

Voice over IP (VoIP) delivers voice communication over the Internet Protocol (IP) network, such as internet or on local network. The digital data of VoIP calls can be intercepted anywhere along the complicated network path, hence encryption is required to ensure security.
NS5033 , VoIP Encryptor provides end-to-end security for SIP phones. It has the capability of far-end encryptor detection hence can establish a plain connection with a SIP phone in case absence of VoIP Encryptor.

Key Features


  •  Encryption Algorithm, proprietary/commercial
  • Encryption does not affect the voice quality
  •  Automatic key exchange for each call
  •  Indication status of plain/secure
  • On board True Random Number Generator for Key generation
  • Built in Self-Test


  • 5 – 12VDC, 3A
  • Phone and Encryptor can be powered by common adopter