Security Consulting Services

Horizon Tech Services

Horizon Tech Services has more than 15 years of dedicated Cryptographic and IT Security expertise achieved through working with various government and private sector organizations in Pakistan Information Security Assessment and Evaluation is a high-integrity business and trust is the key. We have a service portfolio that encompasses almost every aspect of security strength assessment, testing and evaluation. We are committed to sustain the highest degree of integrity in our client relationships and devoted to deliver work of the highest quality in a timely manner.

Security Consulting Services

  • Our consulting services will help you achieve the goal of designing and building secure solutions and infrastructures by providing security consulting throughout product development and infrastructure establishment lifecycle
  • We offer an all-encompassing set of services that includes :
  1. Software/Hardware security
    Secure Software/Hardware design development and implementation

  2. Security Policies, Standards and Guidelines
    Developing and auditing of organizational security policies, standards, frameworks and guidelines

  3. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    Support for entire life cycle of a public key infrastructure including Design, installation and configuration of PKI systems on-premises or cloud based to issue and manage certificates in an organization
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