Media Content Analytics (MCA)



The AI Empowered Media Suite is an advanced software system designed for media monitoring,
offering situational awareness and trend analysis across electronic, social, and print media. It
utilizes AI algorithms for features like personality detection, multilingual transcription, sentiment
analysis, and social media analytics, including Twitter analytics and print media information

Service Description:

The AI Empowered Media Suite is a comprehensive software system that consists of three major components:

  • Electronic Media Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Print Media Analytics.

Electronic Media Analytics:

• Video Streaming across 32 Channels National and international channels with content extraction controls
• Transcription (Speech to Text) with support for 3 languages (Urdu, Hindi, English)
• Ticker, Screenshots Extraction and Archiving
• Clipping Factory with advance features of Video Clipping
• Archiving Information in the DB
• Search Engine for information retrieval
• Keywords Spotting
• Multilingual Support
• Print Ready Report Generation
• Sentiment Analysis
• Video Merger

Social Media Analytics:

• YouTube Video Analysis
• Automatic Information Extraction Using Smart Spider
• Uploaded Video Cataloging
• Content Archiving in DB
• Multilingual Transcription
• Comments Extraction
• Sentiment Analysis
• Twitter Spaces Transcription
• Content Archiving in DB and Keyword Spotting

Print Media Analytics:

• Automatic Print Media Analytics (News, Journals, Magazines, Web Page)
• Daily Cartoon Scrapping
• Regional, National, and international news coverage
• Automatic Information Extraction (PoI, Events, and Keywords)
• News Summarization
• Archiving with Report Generation