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The unprecedented and rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape has put Network defenses under high risk. As the cyber criminals are updating their arsenal to launch sophisticated Network Attacks, there is a need to revolutionize conventional approaches of Network Defense.
With our Research and Development experience of more than a decade, we offer a complete range of indigenous Network Defense solutions to safeguard organization’s Classified Information, Intellectual Property, Official Records and Confidentiality.
Our Solutions:

  • Internet Protocol Security Gateways (100Mbps –  1Gbps  – 10Gbps).
  • Point to Multipoint VPN Solution.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution.
  • Enterprise Firewall solution.
  • Network Access Control (NAC) solution.
  • Secure Network Management Solution.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.
  • Cyber Intelligence Acquisition System (CIAS).
  • Traffic/Service Classification System.
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