What are Penetration Testing Services?:

Penetration Testing Services are ethical hacking services. These are basically security assessment techniques performed by experts to identify security errors in the network of an organization. The ultimate goal of such services are to perform reality based attacks on the security system to check security response. After the testing procedure is done, possible threats and solutions are provided to companies. Key aspects of Penetration testing services are provided below.

Steps Involved in Penetration Testing Services:

Objective: Providers of the service and the client come to a point to make the major objective of service. Scope of the testing is decided. This step includes making an overview of the parts to be tested i.e., Systems, Networks and Operation System.

Information Collection: Information regarding possible threats is gained by testers. Potential entry points for attackers, network infrastructure and operating system is properly examined.

AI Usage: Service providers may make usage of Automated AI tools to make a quick analysis of issues present. Major possible vulnerabilites and weak security system reports are generated this way.

Manual Analysis: Penetration Testing Services provider will make use of skilled testers and will manually test the system. Use of variety of techniques which will involve hacking to gain access to the system will be used to check the strength security. Network scanning , Port scanning and Password cracking are some major techniques used in this step.

Ultimate Destruction: Testers after identifying the vulnerabilities will try to get deeper access to the system. It makes them aware of the most possible damage that can be caused to the system.

Report: After everything is done and the testers knows all the vulnerabilities present in the system reports are made. All vulnerabilities, possible damage and strength of the network is properly explained in this step. Recommendations are provided incase of extreme flaws.

After Effects: Now that a company is aware of its security system, the company takes measures provided by the Penetration Testing Services provider. Now they may ask for After Results for implementing the instructions given by them. This makes them aware that whether the steps were successful and the system is secure now or not.

Penetration Testing As A Service:

  • Importance of using Penetration Testing As A Service in an organization is laid for the secure and smooth implementation of business. Here are some key reasons why every company should invest in Penetration Testing Services.
  • Foremost reason is you become aware of the vulnerabilities present in your system. Security enhancement can be imidiately started to save site from malicious attacks and hackers. With stimulation of real-world attacks, weakness in security system becomes quite clear.
  • By actively identifying vulnerabilities, company becomes aware of the potential impact of an attack on its system. In this way they can prepare them selves accordingly. Budget can be allocated with convenince in this way , company knows how much to invest in security system.
  • In case of an oragnization linked with id cards allotment or handling of data of customers, Penetration Testing Services become very crucial. They are in severe threat of malicious attacks, so they must have penetration testing on regular basis.
  • Since Clients trust a site that is the reason they provide their details. Financial details, Personal Information and intellectual property are sensitive date which clients submit to a site. In this regards, vulnerabilities assessment can greatly reduce the risk of loss of important data and maintain the clients trust.
  • SQL-Injection, Cross site scrypting (XSS) and authentication bypass are some techniques often used to attack on web and mobile applications. Fixing such vulnerabilities will bring a boost to the security system.
  • Since Third Party Assessment are important part of organization it enables them to test security of vendors , suppliers and members of team. So by using Penetration Testing As A Service you can ensure Third Parties present required amount of security.

Types of Pen testing :

There are various types of Penetration Testing Services depending on the needs and objectives of an organization. Some major Penetration Testing As A Service is described below:

Network Penetration Testing:

Vulnerabilities in network infrastructure like routers, modems, switches and firewalls are highlighted. Major goal is to identify misconfigurations that can be used by hackers to gain unauthorized access and destroy the network of an organization.

Web Protection: