1. State-of-the-art, Comprehensive, Customized and Indigenous NextGen SIEM Solution.
  2. Security Operations Platform for NextGen Threat Detection and Response at Network (NDR) and Endpoint (EDR) level.
  3. Ingests real-time enterprise-wide vast amounts of security information and event data.
  4. Gains complete visibility into security data from a single pane with investigation capabilities and real time alerting.
  5. Applies advanced analytics and hybrid analysis to accurately detect known and unknown threats.
  6. Reduces events into a prioritized list of the most important alerts.
  7. Automatically parses and normalizes logs.
  8. Provides actionable insight into the most critical threats.
  9. Supports integration of third-party Threat Intelligence feeds via STIX/TAXII/Reports & other standard formats.
  10. Maps threats to Industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK for improved root cause analysis.
  11. State of the art Threat Intelligence Platform to manage and capitalize cyber threat knowledge.
  12. Drives compliance and manage regulatory risk.
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